We have been traveling all over the country to introduce dogs everywhere to the exciting game of lure coursing.  We have run our course at many festivals and charity events and recently we have added a number of indoor events to our schedule so we are able to adapt to inside venues as well!

This is currently one of the most popular activities at pet festivals and is one of the few activities where attending dogs are the active participants!  Owners, dogs and spectators all have a blast at our event! 
Lucky Dogs Lure Coursing employs a simple system which simulates the game of chase in a safe & controlled environment. We are capable of adjusting our speed to the individual dogs level of athleticism and for the dogs that love it, there is nothing more fun than watching them "Chase That Thing"!

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Lucky dogs adventures dog lure coursing traveling dog lure course. Lucky dogs adventures dog lure coursing dog lure course hosting for all dog breeds.

Lucky Dogs Adventures Dog Lure Coursing Traveling Dog Lure Course

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